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Klassischer Neckholder im Stil der 50er Jahre mit neuer und verbesserter, gerüschter Vorderseite für zusätzliche Stützfunktion am Bauch. Tiefes Dekolleté und herausnehmbare Brustpolster.

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80 % Polyamid, 20 % Elastan. Innenfutter: 100 % Polyester. Saum und Stütze: 88 % Polyamid, 12 % Elastan.


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Bewertungen (3)

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    Fabulous suit

    • Passform: Passgenau
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    This suit is fabulous. i love the cut, and it's very comfortable. the neckline is my favorite and the ruching is very flattering! overall, excellent!

    Katie would recommend this product to a friend.

    Love the suit!

      Yes, it runs big, ordered one size smaller, a 12 and had to return it for a 10. Makes me feel small! It is almost too long in the body, but not by much. So comfortable. Customer service was wonderful and helpful. I needed the replacement suit by the 4th of July and they made sure I received it in time. Thank you.

      Runs big

        I love this suit except it runs a lot bigger. I am a size 16 & that was huge so I ordered a 14 & that is too big but I still love this suit!! It s flattering.